The Beginnings of the Infinity Bible Code

Rabbis have for centuries studied numerical tendencies in the Bible, but like most code research, was kept under wraps for many and varied reasons. Since the Roman Catholic Church did not believe, especially in the middle ages, that the common people should possess a copy of the Scriptures, their loyal forces in many countries scoured the countryside looking for copies of the Scriptures in the hands of the people. Their searches included Jews and especially Rabbis who possessed copies of the Torah and the Tenach (the Old Testament). The Rabbis had to study in secret and could not share their research out in the open.

Number in Scripture by E.W. Bollinger Bible Mathematics by Pastor Ed Vellowe Mathematics Proves Holy Scriptures by Ivan Pannin

The Rabbis would eventually come up with nine different numbering systems on which to evaluate the Bible. In the late 19th Century, E.W. Bullinger would enter the study of Bible Numerics with his book Number in Scripture: Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance. Ivan Pannin would follow shortly thereafter with his very exhaustive studies in Bible Numerics. Sadly, the work of these men would go almost totally unnoticed by the Christian world more interested in other agendas. The exception to that rule was a book written by Evangelist Ed Vallowe in 1997 titled Biblical Mathematics: Keys to Scripture Numerics. But despite the works of these men, the subject went uncovered by the church almost from the beginning of its history.

Bible Code Bombshall R. Edwin Sherman

Things began to change in the 1980s when several Bible Numerics books started to come out. That coupled with the Bible Code research coming out of Israel suddenly caused a lot of people to get really interested in the subject. We started posting our numerical research on the Bible, mainly based upon the work of our own Al Cuppett. We have also at times posted a considerable amount of Bible Code Research, especially when our own Tom Mack started going on the Q-Files with Steve Quayle and other radio programs. The biggest jump in the Bible Code world came when Edward Sherman released his book Bible Code Bombshell a few years ago. His book all but silenced the critics and eliminated most doubt about the Bible Codes. Mr. Sherman has been a guest on Coast to Coast A.M. and other radio programs. Tom Mack is now a frequent guest on Omegaman Radio. He does talk about Bible Codes on these programs.

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Few people realized that Mr. Mack, once a college professor at the Montana Tech branch of the University of Montana in Butte, Montana, and an instructor at Upper Iowa University at their Waterloo, Iowa campus, had quickly become one of the leading experts Bible Numerics in the world. It was in that position that the Prophecy Club speaker who discovered the Infinity Code contacted Mr. Mack to do an independent evaluation of the Infinity Code. The speaker's critics were already accusing him of "cherry-picking" the words he was using in his early presentations on the Prophecy Club Tours. To verify this code, Mr. Mack picked fifty words at random and tested the Infinity Code hypothesis. He found that all fifty words could be tracked in the Bible Using the Infinity Code.

But even with all this press, the message of the Infinity Code was not getting out. As a result, Mr. Mack has done his own Infinity Code presentation for The Byte Show with GeorgeAnn Hughes. We have included these interviews on this site along with the PowerPoint Presentation he used to give this talk. The first two parts cover the basic mechanics of the code with plenty of examples. If you do not believe the Bible is the Word of God, when you listen to these two interviews, you will. In the third interview, Mr. Mack will apply the Infinity Code, other scriptural evidence, and historical evidence to discuss Nephilim, Golems and other spiritual beings. You can download these talks for FREE! Mr. Mack has also done an Infinity Code show with ROZZ on the BlogTalk Network. It is 90 minutes of hard Bible research. It goes very fast. He more recently did a program on this subject with Shannon Davis of Omegaman Radio.

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