Chris Blodgett

Chris has taken the tough road on his way to knowing Jesus Christ and learning to serve him. Chris has done a lot of things in his life, but his biggest worldly achievement was being the Chief Video Engineer for the hit TV Series Sea Quest and a technical consultant for the television shows Viper, Air Wolf, The Watcher, Falcon Crest, Murphy Brown, Starman plus many other Hollywood productions. He also was a technical consultant for Batman II and Batman III (Much of Batman III was shot when Batman II was being produced), Outbreak, Journey to the Center of the Earth (Made for TV Movie), Gremlins I and Gremlins II, Point of No Return (also aired as La Femme Nikita), and many other Hollywood movies. However, when he was at the height of his career, God called him to leave it all and follow Him. That Chris did without even thinking. Now he ministers through the PGM Radio Network via Internet Radio, and through meetings throughout the country.

Chris found his way to the Foundation via talk-show host Steve Quayle. As the former producer of the Q-Files, Chris was listening to Mr. Quayle's interview with our own Tom Mack and his research about the Bible Codes. After the show was over, Chris called Steve and asked him for an introduction to Mr. Mack. That he did, and a strong friendship ensued. While Chris' interest was in the Bible Codes, the Foundation was impressed with the Anointing and Spirit in Chris Blodgett. We soon discovered that Chris had an understanding of the Jewish Feasts lacking even in most Jews. His Passover Messages are on his website for immediate download. If you are interested in getting the tapes, just e-mail Chris with you snail-mail address and he will send them to you free!

They have resurrected their radio program "Stand Therefore" and their ministry, Perfect Gift Ministries. Check out the Perfect Gift Ministries Website to learn more.