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From time to time our director, Professor Tom Mack appears on radio shows to talk about the Foundation's work and to share some of the research we have done. As a result of these interviews, we have received many requests to share these interviews online for people to listen to and download. Like everything else on our website, these file downloads are free.

Omegaman Radio with Shannon Davis

Omegaman (Shannon Davis) Interviews Tom Mack

Omegaman Radio was launched on June 22, 2010. Shannon Davis (Omegaman) has since produced 3,800+ shows and continues to produce 75-100 LIVE shows per month preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, He believes in deliverance, but goes further by taking responsibility for equipping Christians by teaching them to conduct spiritual warfare, healing, and deliverance ministry. Shannon Davis brings on special guests from around the world to teach and preach deliverance on his program.

Prophecy Hours Promo

Pastor Daniel Catlin of Messiah's Branch Interviews Tom Mack

Messianic Judaism Pastor Dan Catlin, director of Wichita Homeless Ministries, Messiah's Branch Mission Church, and radio host of Prophecy Hour on International Short-wave Radio and Internet Radio recently had Prof. Tom Mack on his radio program to discuss Bible Codes and other issues of the current day.

  • March 16, 2017 at 5:15 P.M. CDT
  • Part I: Just what are Bible Codes and how we can use them? Prof. Tom gives an example of how he discovered a Trump Assassination Code and was able to get it to the candidate's staff. Mr. Trump's campaign staff beefed up his security and avoided several assassination attempts.
  • March 16, 2007 at 7:15 P.M. CDT
  • Part II: Prof. Tom talked about the future of Germany and how Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama will employ occult methods to retain Angela Merkel in power and then use her to turn Germany into a totalitarian state similar to what we saw with East Germany from 1946- 1989. He then talked about the mystery of the Two Witnesses of Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11. He rejects the Moses/Elijah theory because to the Torah's prohibitions against Necromancy.

The Late Barry Chamish Interviews Tom Mack

Barry Chamish PhotoLate in 2011, Mr. Mack did two four-hour interviews with the late Israeli super-journalist and prolific author Barry Chamish on a number of subjects including Bible Codes, The Heavener Mysteries, the Music of Heaven, and other subjects. Recordings of these interviews can be either listened to or downloaded via these links:

Interviews with the late GeorgeAnn Hughes - The Byte Show

Tom Mack was a frequent guest on The Byte Show with the late GeorgeAnn Hughes for many years.

The Infinity Code

One of his best interviews was an exposition of the Infinity Bible Code first discovered by Al Neal back in 1998. Mr. Mack got involved with the studies when he was asked to verify Mr. Neal's findings using several mathematical tests. While Mr. Mack was initially skeptical of Mr. Neal's theory, he did his own testing and discovered that Mr. Neal was not "cherry-picking" his data. Mr. Mack (and his now deceased brother-in-law) selected fifty words at random and tested his theory. It not only worked, some of his findings wandered into Mr. Neal's subsequent lectures with the Prophecy Club.

As Mr. Neal quit traveling, people started approaching Mr. Mack about doing his own set of lectures. The result of these requests is these interviews with GeorgeAnn Hughes and Kristen Spurgeon (Rozz). You can also download the PowerPoint Presentations used in conjunction with the lectures.