Research Page on the Soul

One of the most poorly-studied subjects in biblical literature is the soul. Despite the fact that the Bible, in the Original Hebrew and Greek texts, discusses the soul almost 900 times, most Bible Scholars have not spent a lot of time studying the subject. This is unfortunate, because the health of your soul is vital to your development as a believer in Jesus Christ. This page is our attempt rectify the situation and help people truly grow in their spiritual walk.

The Byte Show Host, GeorgeAnn Hughes Interviews Tom Mack About the Soul

Starting in 2009, Tom Mack began to release some of the research that he has been doing on the Soul. He shocked listeners by stating what he thought was obvious: that animals have souls, the same as human beings. The revelations did not stop there. These files reveal information about the soul that very few pastors and other religious leaders have ever talked about. His research started when he listened to Dr. J. Marcus Haggard, D.V.M., discuss the matter in the early 1980s. He got very interested when he listened to Dr. Haggard apply the scientific methods he used in his practice of Veterinary Medicine to Bible Study. Mr. Mack took Dr. Haggard's research methods to the next level when he began using the computer and other advanced Quantum Bible Research Methods to discover even more shocking information about the soul. Here are the files:

People Do Indeed Sell Their Souls for Many Reasons

We put together this video based upon the television series Supernatural. This shot from Season Five, Episode 10 is interestingly titled "Abandon All Hope." We maintain that when someone sells their soul to the devil, they have abandoned all hope of salvation, now and in the hereafter. Here is the video:

Download this video and you can see an example of someone selling their soul to the devil. Download an AVI version of the video to your own computer. To play it on your computer, go to the MPCstar website and download a free copy.

Notes Concerning This Video

  • The man in the list raincoat with a cell phone is really an Angel of the LORD.
    • Do you really think you can hide what you are doing from the LORD!
  • Notice that the devil rarely completes his own deals, but uses demonic agents like "Crowley" to complete his deals.
  • Had Mr. Banker Pendleton not made this deal, he likely would have lost his bank(s) and spent time in Federal/State Prison (depending upon whether his bank is state or federally chartered). What he does not realize is that ten years in prison is a whole lot better than eternal torment.