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It has been a long time since I have published one of these letters, but the time has come that I can be longer silent about the things to come. Many of you will dismiss this letter as total insanity and want to throw some rocks at me, but please, just delete this message and go on with your life. I'm already in bad enough condition without someone doing something more to me. Just be willing to read this letter, pray about it, and see if what I am saying is not an indication of the things that are about to come onto this nation and the earth.

Many people have asked me if I have seen Bible Codes about 2012. The answer is yes and no. But before I expound on what the Codes say about 2012, I feel it is necessary to talk about some other issues first.

Comments on the End of the World

Indeed, the media is full of material about the so-called "end of the world" coming in December 2x, 2012 (x can mean any integer-number from 0 to 9). Everyone from the Toltec/Mayan Indians on down have suggested that the end will come on this date. Unfortunately, the Toltec/Mayan Indians are an extinct tribe and their medicine men are not here to clarify their prophecies. Listen to programs like Coast to Coast AM, and the prophecies are abundant. Even some bankrupt Christian prophets are joining the 2012 bandwagon, but what are the real "spiritual" facts. But to learn these "spiritual facts," we need to unlearn a lot of religious trash that has plugged out thinking for years.

Almost from the fourth century onward, the Christian world found itself inundated with "end of the world" false prophecies. People even drowned themselves so they could prepared themselves for the "end of the world." There are plenty of books and websites out there which expound all these stories. But by the year 1970, the Christian community went on an "end of the world" obsession. The spark for the fire was the the publication of Rev. Hal Lindsey's bestselling book, The Late Great Planet Earth. I can still remember people carrying Rev. Lindsey's books almost as a second bible accompanying their Holy Bibles in their search for prophetic truths.

It was not long before many unscrupulous preachers decided that they could cash in on the craze themselves. Once example comes to mind. I remember as a young college student, visiting an Assembly of God Church in Sioux City, Iowa which was having their annual "revival." The guest evangelist named Dewey preached on the subject, "76 Reasons Why the Rapture Will Happen in 1976." Capitalizing on the teachings of Rev. Lindsey in his books, the evangelist made a very good sell. His sales job was so good, he even got people to mortgage their houses to the hilt and give the money to their local church (and to him, of course) to allegedly finance "end time evangelistic campaigns." People assumed that if the Rapture was going to happen in the next year, they would not need to make their mortgage payments, because they would be partying down at the "marriage supper of the lamb" in heaven. It never occurred to these poor people that the evangelist and the pastor might be "wrong????"

Unfortunately for a lot of people, the banner year 1976 came and went with no Rapture, no Antichrist, and nothing more than celebrations for the 200th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The poor people were instead stuck living in the "nasty now and now" with their excessive mortgage payments and the rest of their resulting financial problems. Two things stuck with me. One was the few people who had to file bankruptcy because they listened to this evangelist and two, the pastor who used the increase in contributions to begin financing the building of a newer, fancy, architect-designed church building.

The other thing I used to see over and over again, was the spectacle of the evangelist calling people to the altar to give them a prophecy about how God had a wonderful ministry for them. All they had to do was sell their house, pay off their mortgages and other encumbrances, and use the proceeds to pay for four years at brother ______'s Bible College. Most of the time, it took all the money they had in the bank to pay their expenses to go to this Bible College. By the time they had their Bible College degree, they would learn too late that their was no call for their ministry. They were broke, and with no job history to speak of the last two to four years, they had to take a minimal job paying a lot less that what they got before the evangelist spoke their prophecy. In the end, you have to wonder if the evangelists' job is in part to keep their church organization's Bible College replete with students.

All of this "end of the world" prophetic ministry came to a head in the 1990s when preachers started talking about the Y2K collapse. People like Dr. Gary North started suggesting that due to a computer programming glitch, our computers were going to "crash" on January 1, 2000 because they were not "Y2K compliant." The supposed result of these Y2K crashes was that the world economic system would tank and everything would magically fall apart. Companies responded (almost in fear) by rushing to hire every COBOL programmer they could find to make all these fixes. But with improvements in word processing programs and the addition of Personal Computing technologies, most companies in the world had their fixes finished by the end of the summer of 1999. Y2K came and went, and business went on as usual.

The result of this Y2K scare was that the unscrupulous preachers could no longer use their "end-time ministry" to generate their contribution base. Their "prophetic ministry" had lost all of its credibility. People had basements full of freeze-fried food and toilet paper as a result of following the advice of these preachers. When Y2K did not happen, these people rightfully felt "had." These preachers had to quit their prophetic ministry and start teaching that "if you give them money, then God is obliged to make you rich." You here that theme on the major Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) shows. Get on the mailing list of one of their major guest evangelists or pastors, and your mailbox will be filled with their mailings asking for money. That ploy seems to work for some of them. Others have been obliged to find real jobs greeting at Wal-Mart. Those that continue to preach the "end-time" message bank on the 2012 scenario. But where are the scriptures for such a thing? I am certain that is why we get so many questions about 2012 Bible Codes.

The 2012 Prophecies

Let's start at the beginning. There are a lot of prophecies around the world about the year 2012, but from what I can see, they are nothing more than an exquisite occultic calculations. Even so, the mathematics of calculating the speed and course of space objects is a very inexact science. Men have been trying to calculate the orbits of comets and other space objects for literally millenniums. Some have succeeded and others have failed miserably. The best of them was Sir Isaac Newton, the 16th Century mathematician and physicist who calculated the timing of the visits of Halley's Comet. Even then, he could only calculate the arrival of the comet to the nearest year.

The sad part is that the mathematics Newton used to calculate Halley's Comet's arrival is much the same mathematics we use today. Newton was the father of modern calculus, which is what mathematicians use to calculate such things. The only difference is that we have better telescopes, monitoring equipment and computers to make the calculations these days. But while we have better equipment, the base mathematics used to make the calculations is much the same. The astronomers and mathematicians that follow the skies in modern days can now track multiple space objects. Some concern us and others are just "interesting."

The last few years, we have heard Messrs. James McCanney, M.S. and Mark Hazelwood (I don't know his credentials or even if he has any) talk about a "Planet X" which they contend is closing in on earth. I even know of a pastor in Central Iowa who claimed to have seen Planet X one night when he was out tending to his dogs. Whether he saw this "planet" physically or saw it in a vision, I cannot be sure. Others have had similar visions and dreams. People email them to me from time to time, so it would be absurd for me to dismiss all these people as crazy.

While Messrs. McCanney and Hazelwood call it Planet X, NASA has called it NEAT, and other sources give it a lot of other names, but in ancient times, this object was called Typhon. It is a strange object in our solar system. When I checked it in the Bible Codes, I could not correlate the words "Comet" and Typhon. The Bible codes instead call it a mini-star. While it seems to have many of the attributes of a comet, its center is much larger and seems to generate its own light, much like a star does. I also discovered that it will be here long before December of 2012. The controversial Russian journalist Sorcha Fall thinks it has already visited Australia. However, we have not been able to verify this with any other sources (, retrieved September 28, 2009)

Historians tell me one of the last times it visited, it superimposed a lot of diamond dust onto our atmosphere, causing it to generate rain like crazy. You can read about it in Genesis 7-9. The Bible Codes say when Typhon comes by this time, there will not be the moisture in the atmosphere to protect us that we found in Noah's time. The Codes further say it is headed for the ancient city of Hatra (al Hadr), Iraq. You may remember the city . . . it was featured in the opening scenes of the famous movie, The Exorcist. That's the bad news.

The good news is that the Bible Codes say Typhon can be diverted. The Codes both indicate this and have given me clues about how to do this. Using these Codes, I have been developing the technologies which can keep this monstrous thing from destroying large portions of the earth. The only trouble is that the Bible Codes say it will come back in 2016, empowered by the sun. Then things will get real ugly. I cannot find the cure for that disaster in the Bible Codes . . . yet!

I've attached three codes in this email. Two of them talk about the visit of Typhon to the earth. The third one is based upon a vision given to my friend Larry Taylor many years ago. He calls his vision "The Missiles of October." I searched for years trying to find a code to verify his vision, but never succeeded. It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that this Bible Code was shown to me. It warns that Iran is planning to fire missiles into the United States from ships in the ocean bearing a Palestinian flag. Even worse, the Codes suggest our own President is complicent in this. Why do you think his first call as President was to Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority (PLO) and not to the Prime Minister of Canada or Great Britain, the usual places a new President calls? I am seeing a reason in all of this.

President Obama and Islam

The Obama Mystery
From Left: Barak Obama, Sr., Barak Obama Jr., Malcolm X

I am beginning to think that from the moment he got "elected," he has been working for the demise of this nation. At least until a couple of weeks ago when I sent an email to GeorgeAnn Hughes and a few other people. You see, I learned years ago that my Bible Codes are often intercepted by various intelligence agencies throughout the world thanks to my being on Steve Quayle's program as a regular guest for a couple of years. I learned this from studying the visitors to my websites. Some of those visitors have been the various countries' intelligence agencies. They do not care that I know. Instead, I get the idea they are trying to intimidate me somehow.

I now know the "Missiles of October" Bible Code was intercepted at that time and suddenly, the CIA (which is on the "outs" with the Obama Administration) realized from this Code that they had a "problem" greater than what they had with JFK. According to a number of news sources, Leon Panetta and several of his predecessors visited Obama last week at the White House. A Russian report suggested that he was told to either back off with his plans or he will join JFK where he is. It remains to be seen whether Obama will comply, pretend to comply and continue with the evil behind our backs, or just thumb his nose at them. I doubt he will do the latter, as he does not appear to be stupid. I do not think he will do the former because his Arab backers will get upset and cut their funding of his continued operations (e.g. paying lawyers to hide his birth certificate--people would not like to know he is the son or even the clone of Malcolm X see the picture to the right--Obama's mother was a little harlot--if you are a pervert, you can find naked pictures of her several locations on the Internet). His Arab backers bought and paid for an Islamic United States President and that is what they will get.

As you can see, our country is in dire straights. They have succeeded in installing evil at the top of the matrix and time is no longer our friend. Divine Judgment is proving to be even worse than anyone ever thought. We have weeks or a year at most to stop this insanity or all will be lost. The Iranians have all the missiles they need to trash this country and effectively end this. The Russians and the Chinese are supplying all the technology they to accomplish what they want. Better if they can do it through the Iranians than to do it themselves. The only way this can be stopped is through a lot of prayer, both the stop the Prince of the Power of Persia, who is controlling this mess, and some my way as I develop the technologies to stop the coming disasters. I need help, but it has to come from the heavenlies. No amount of money is going to defeat these crazy beings and their human associates. We have got to quit thinking we can throw money at the problem and somehow it will be solved.

P.S. I should have been resting and reflecting on my life this Yom Kipper day, but I cannot. My spirit is troubled and my flesh is falling apart fast. Arthritis is attacking my damaged hip and blood clots are threatening to give me another Pulmonary Embolism (blood blockage in the lungs). If you have time to pray for me, I would appreciate it.

P.P.S. Unlike what GeorgeAnn Hughes suggests during my appearances on The Byte Show . . . Don't send me money unless God directs you to do so. If He does, don't send me a check or money order, thanks to the scammers in West Africa, banks are very strict about taking them. Just send cash, a VISA gift card, or even a Wal-Mart gift card. If you want to help someone, get in touch with Dan Catlin's ministry in Wichita, Kansas. He also cares for the poor and preaches he Word. That is what really counts in this world.


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