The Night Season

October 1994

If you have been watching and listening, as the Bible has been instructing us to do, it is apparent that the Night Season is upon us. Throughout the earth, the agents of the Kingdom of G_d have been forced underground in order to continue their work. Those who still have a place on the airwaves and other media admit that their work is aimed at those within the Body of Christ rather than those outside the church. Even the venerable End-Time Prophet of G_d, R. G. Stair, contends that the time for winning the lost is over and that we should be preparing for the time of the coming of Jesus Christ. He further teaches that because we are so close to the time of His coming, we must prepare for what will be happening to us in this untoward time. [ed. note: R.G. Stair has been proven to be a false prophet! Check the testimony of Pastor Daniel Catlin and his friends]

The word for today, as declared by the Bible and the prophets is to prepare for the wrath that is to come. We are entering into that time period even now. As I write this article now, Apostikane the antichrist, (and yes, his name adds up to 666 both in Greek and English, something no other named player does!) waits in the wings in some secret chamber in London, England to take his place as the world ruler. But he cannot take his place until the proper time comes. For the moment, we can take that as a comfort.

We can also use this time as a buffer to prepare for that coming time. Some have already done this, building bomb shelters, bat-caves and other related type structures. Coupled with this move, people have been storing up food and other provisions. This is good and very necessary for physical survival.

Spiritual Preparation

However, what most people fail to understand is that Apostikane is a spiritual power much more than he is a physical power. He is the kingdom of Satan's equivalent of Jesus Christ. The prefix "anti" has several meanings but the main one relevant here is "to prevent, cure or neutralize". (Webster's New World Dictionary, Second Edition) When the word Antichrist is then understood, you realize he is here to neutralize the effect of Jesus Christ's ministry on the earth and to prevent the coming of Jesus Christ. (Yes, Satan really does think he is god!) This is consistent with Jesus' description that Satan is out to "to steal, to kill and to destroy".

We have seen this in the proliferation of "modern Bible translations" passed off as the Word of G_d. That is why Jesus listed this satanic objective first. To neutralize the power of the church, you have to neutralize the Word of G_d. Once they have effectively neutralized the Word of G_d, they are ready to complete their next move: the destruction of the many church organizations around the world. Consistent with the enemy's objective, almost all of these organizations have adopted their New Age Movement teachings to some degree. This tacit adoption of false doctrine effectively neutralizes the Christian ministry of that organization. The only thing that remains is to destroy these church organizations. That will be done via the merger route. Those offending organizations who do not go along with these untoward mergers will be eliminated.

To properly prepare for this, one has to realize that the time for being a member of a church organization is over. If we had any sense at all, we would have never joined them in the first place. The concept of a church organization is a mutually-exclusive one. When you join one organization, you are automatically excluded from having fellowship with Christians who happen to belong to another organization. Note how one cannot be both a Methodist and a Baptist. If you leave one organization to join another, you are expected, if not required, to "transfer your membership", an idea whose concept is totally foreign to what the Word of G_d teaches. (See I Corinthians 1:10-17) Better we should visit but not join these organizations.

The problem for a lot of people though, is that they are dependent upon their church organizations for their spirituality. Unable to function alone, they have created a dependency relationship with their church organization. Individual relationships with G_d are very rare indeed. In fact, when many people do start getting close to G_d, they find themselves leaving their church organizations, never to return. They may visit churches from time to time, but they will never again put their name on a church roll.

If you are going to deal with the likes of the coming Antichrist, one Mr. Apostikane, you will not do it through most of the modern church organizations. They are already targeted by the New World Order, first to see if they will play ball, and secondly, if they do not, to apply the pressure necessary to insure that they do. Then if the pressure does not work, they will do whatever it takes to eliminate the organization.

When you talk of pressure, you must understand that Apostikane can apply pressure one of many ways. His favorite way is to financially enhance the leadership of the organization so they will not be able to say "no." Then the church organization suddenly becomes a mere "investment vehicle" used to control the people belonging to the organization. If that kind of "positive" pressure does not work, they are not opposed to using other more negative techniques.

The bottom line in all of this is simple: the average church organization is already under their control. Even some of the more conservative and fundamental ones have fallen under their control due to the treachery and betrayal of their leadership. Only a few of the independent church organizations have survived at this point. Their members will be tagged for removal. In some cases, this removal process is already happening; even here in the United States of America.

The key here is independence. The fewer ties to an organization you have, the more difficult it will be for them to find you. As a result, we advise many information ministries who serve these people to encrypt their databases so that prying eyes cannot identify your clients. If you need help with this, contact the Foundation at the address below and we can provide you with assistance.

Personal Spiritual Management

Operating alone in this spiritual environment will not be an easy task. The hardest part of this will be withdrawal. Like the drug addict trying to kick the habit, you will find yourself trying to beat the spiritual habits you have formed over the years. It will not be easy, but it can be done.

The first key step will be to upgrade your prayer life. If you are willing, the LORD can wake you at an early morning hour to allow you to pray. An additional prayer time needs to be added before you go to bed at night. Many times, you will also find it useful to pray at some time in the middle of the night. Some of the most effective prayer time can be in the middle of the night when the devils are off doing their work on the other side of the earth. In any case, prayer is the key which will unlock many doors for you.

Couple the prayer time with a strong time of Bible reading and study. Two items need to be emphasized in the area of Bible study. First, use a Authorized (King James) Version. The "modern versions" use a corrupted Greek manuscript which waters down the power of God.

The second item is not such an easy proposition. The Bible is a SPIRITUAL book to be interpreted with spiritual guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit. Many folk and their organizations have erred because they tried to read the Bible without the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. The results of this omission become apparent when you see many of the activities that have been done in the name of Christianity over the years.

Preachers have suggested over the years that you should read so many chapters a day. This misses the point of a spiritual book. Sometimes in your Bible reading, the Holy Spirit may center you on just a couple of verses of scripture, while in other cases you may polish off several chapters at a time. It is important to understand that when you study your Bible, the Holy Spirit is the teacher and you are the student. He is going to set your curriculum and develop your program. Also, stick to the Bible and Trash the Commentaries! Let the Holy Spirit be your teacher. (See I John 2:27)

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