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Due to popular request, we have obtained permission from the author, Tom Mack, the privilege of posting The WhiteStone Letters he produced from 1994 through 2012. While the material may be dated a bit, the spiritual principles taught in these letters are valid and can be used even today. It is further interesting that many of the things he talked about in those Letters have come to pass.

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Here is a listing of the letters that are a part of this archive:

      • October 1994
      • June 1995
      • November 1995
      • March 1996
        • This newsletter was considered the best one we ever published. It was the first newsletter to explain how Bill Clinton could be elected President of the United States not once but twice, despite his continuous misbehaviors, along with his moral and ethical depravity. This is a newsletter needs to be copied and studied by all.
        • This newsletter may also be a hint as to why Barak H. Obama could be elected president despite being born in Kenya and having virtually no qualifications to be president of the United States.
      • The Money Letter
        • Hard hitting newsletter attacking the pastors, evangelists, teachers, and other preachers who teach that if you give them money, G_d is somehow obliged to make you rich. Mr. Mack has a degree in accounting and additional graduate work in financial management en route to another degree in Information Systems Management.
      • September 2009
        • Bible Codes on 2012
        • Obama Birthing Issues
      • January 2010 (PDF Download Only)
        • An objective analysis of the ministry of Oral Roberts
        • Article by Andrew Strom about the damage done to the church by the "Word of Faith Movement"


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